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SECTORS WE COVER (Industries):

OES is a global executive solutions firm that serves clients in various industries and sectors. OES provides services across a broad range of sectors, including

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Consumer goods and retail

This includes industries such as food and beverage, fashion, luxury, and e-commerce mainly for HNIs and then corporates.

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Financial services:

OES provides consulting services to clients in the banking, insurance, asset management, and capital markets industries. OES also works private equity firms and their portfolio companies.

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This sector includes pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical devices, and healthcare providers.

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Public sector

OES provides consulting services to governments and public institutions.

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Technology, media, and telecommunications:

This sector includes industries such as software, hardware, telecom, media, and entertainment

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OES focuses on delivering solutions corporates such as vehicle manufacturers, dealership owners, and re-sellers.

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Industrial goods and services

This sector includes industries such as aerospace and defense, automotive, construction, and engineering.

OES also has expertise in functional areas such as leadership strategy, operational development, marketing and communications, sales and procurement, and organization growth