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Quick-start guide (Process on How our consultants work to deliver your needs)

Here is a step-by-step overview of how OES typically works with companies for recruitment consulting services:
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Search / Recruitment Solutions

Initial consultation

OES typically starts with an initial consultation to understand the client's recruitment needs and determine whether there is a good fit for a consulting engagement. During this phase, BCG may ask questions about the client's recruitment process, talent acquisition strategy, and recruitment goals.


Based on the initial consultation, OES will develop a proposal outlining the scope of work, approach, team, timeline, and fees for the consulting engagement. The proposal will also include OES's understanding of the client's recruitment objectives and how they plan to help the client achieve them.


Once the client agrees to the proposal, OES will begin the consulting engagement by assessing the client's current recruitment process. This may involve conducting interviews with recruiters and hiring managers, reviewing recruitment data and analytics, and benchmarking the client's recruitment process against industry best practices.


Based on the assessment, OES will provide recommendations for improving the client's recruitment process. This may include recommendations for optimizing recruitment channels, improving candidate experience, enhancing employer branding, and leveraging technology to streamline recruitment processes.

Implementation planning

Once the recommendations are provided, OES will work with the client to develop an implementation plan. This may involve defining roles and responsibilities, setting up performance metrics and KPIs, and developing a timeline for implementation.

Onboarding support

OES may provide ongoing support during the implementation phase to ensure that the client's recruitment process is optimized and delivering the desired results. This may include providing training and coaching to recruiters and hiring managers, conducting audits and assessments, and providing ongoing advisory services.

Service / Acquisition Solutions

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Below is a high-level overview of how we work with our clients may it be individuals for their extravagant acquisitions, or businesses for their non-recruitment requirements

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The first step in working with our clients / individuals is to identify their acquisition requirement. This may involve conducting market research, attending luxury events, and leveraging personal networks to identify individuals who have the means and desire to purchase luxury goods.

We work hard to build relationships with you, the customer. This may involve personalized communication, networking events, and tailored marketing campaigns to appeal to your interests and preferences.

To effectively sell luxury goods to high-net worth individuals, it's important to understand their needs and preferences. This may involve conducting surveys or interviews to gather insights on their buying habits, lifestyle, and preferences.

Based on the insights gathered, the company will tailor their offerings to meet the needs and preferences of high-net worth individuals. This may involve offering personalized products or services, bespoke experiences, and exclusive access to limited-edition items.

High-net worth individuals expect exceptional customer service when purchasing luxury goods. This may involve offering white-glove services, personalized attention from sales representatives, and 24/7 customer support.

Once a purchase is made, it's important to maintain relationships with high-net worth individuals to encourage repeat business and referrals. This may involve personalized follow-up communication, VIP events, and loyalty programs.

Work with us

Overall, working with high-net worth individuals requires a personalized approach that focuses on building relationships, understanding customer needs, and providing exceptional customer service. By doing so, companies can create long term relationships that are mutually beneficial for both parties